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Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery (or enlargement) is generally performed on women with underdeveloped breasts or on women who have experienced a decrease in breast size or shape due to pregnancy or weight loss.

The surgery consists of lifting the breast tissue and placing an envelope containing a soft, natural-feeling implant material underneath the pectoral muscle.

a comparison of a woman's breast before and after
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Dr. Chugay uses the Rolls Royce of saline implants – the type of natural-feeling durable implants of the highest quality. These implants carry a lifetime warranty for the implant and on any possible rupture or defect. They have the lowest defect statistics on the market (7% leak rate noted). Replacement within the warranty period is free. Saline solution is the safest material as it is similar to natural body fluids.

Dr. Chugay chooses to perform the majority of his breast augmentations near Garden Grove, approximately 70% of them, with silicone implants. Silicone implants have a much more natural feel and have been demonstrated to have a very low leak rate (1% leak rate noted). Despite previous litigation against breast implant manufacturers, as of November 2006 the FDA has again approved silicone implants for use in breast augmentation.

Dr. Chugay’s philosophy is to select the best and the safest materials for his patients. Whether you would prefer to have saline or silicone implants, Dr. Chugay will customize your surgery to give you the best result possible.

Is Financing Available?

Yes! Medical Financing is available on approved credit. We accept financing from and For more information about our Financing options


Dr. Chugay makes the cut in the areola of the breast. The scar is imperceptible, and yet, the access to molding and shaping of the breast is greatest through this approach.

The more traditional approaches in Garden Grove, CA of making a cut in the inframammary fold (under the breast) produces noticeable scars, especially in darker-pigmented people. The axillary approach (cutting from the armpit) touted by some physicians, can cause an unwarranted nerve injury affecting nerves that supply sensation to the arm with the resulting possibility of partial or complete numbness. Scar contracture may also result from that approach. When the contracture happens in the armpit, it may cause a mild to serious weakness in the arm.

Things to Look for In your Surgeon:

  • Experience: With 2 generations of doctors, over 30,000 procedures and a lifetimes worth of combined experience, Dr. Nikolas V. Chugay and Dr. Paul N. Chugay have not only the required experience in various surgical and non surgical procedures but Nikolas has helped revolutionize the industry, and Paul is following very closely in his father’s footsteps, drawing on over 40 years of experience.
  • Compatibility & Respect: Book a consultation with the doctor. Get a feel for how they treat you; whether they listen to you and what you want. It’s important to thoroughly discuss what you’re trying to achieve with your doctor so they have a clear, concise idea of what your goal is but it’s equally important that you respect your doctor’s experience and education enough to listen to their recommendations. You don’t want a doctor that doesn’t care about YOU.
  • Specialization: Ask your doctor about other times they’ve performed the procedure you want.


Before an implant can be inserted, a pocket under the pectoralis muscle must be made. This involves separating tender breast tissues to create an opening. Most surgeons opt to use sharp scissors when creating a pocket, because it saves them time. However, sharp instruments can produce bleeding, possible hematomas and subsequent delayed healing. Dr. Chugay only uses blunt instruments when creating a pocket. Even though this approach takes more time, the benefits to the patients are incomparable, including less operative risk, fewer complications, less bleeding and lower risks of hematoma and delayed healing.

By opening the pocket more fully, Dr. Chugay secures a more youthful appearance of the breast and increased upward elevation of the nipple. This technique, presented at seminars worldwide, was originally developed by Dr. Pitanguy and perfected by Dr. Chugay.


The implant is inserted inflated and slightly overfilled to give a bigger cleavage and to avoid rippling of the implant shell (most surgeons do not overfill despite the fact that overfilling is recommended by the implant manufacturers).

Blunt Dissection

This type of process decreases bleeding, chances of hematoma and prevents delayed healing. The more common approach is to use sharp instruments, which has an obvious advantage of being more speedy. Dr. Chugay feels that quality is more important than speed.


The tissues are closed in layers, starting from the very deep to superficial tissues. This process assures strong closure and will prevent large scars.

On the topmost layer, Dr. Chugay uses a subcuticular suture, placed under the skin to minimize scar visibility. Many surgeons insist on using the so-called interrupted sutures, which can create visible hash marks and very noticeable scars. With Dr. Chugay and his colleagues promoting subcuticular sutures, this more advanced method fortunately is becoming more popular in Garden Grove, CA.


Breast Augmentation – Saline Implants


Breast Augmentation – Silicone Implants

Using Breast Augmentation in Conjunction with Breast Lift

Dr. Chugay has popularized his approach of using Breast Lift in conjunction with Breast Augmentation near Garden Grove. When done right, this methodology is the perfect and the only solution for women with small, droopy breasts. The combined technique will elevate the breast, raise the nipple and increase the breast size, thus creating truly magnificent breasts.

Recently Popularized Belly-Button Technique

Those of you, readers, who conduct a lot of research in the areas of cosmetic surgery, are surely familiar with the “Belly-Button” Breast Augmentation technique. This process involves insertion of breast implants through incisions made in the belly button and continued upward to the breasts. The only known advantage to this technique is the ostensible lack of noticeable scars. Although the technique seems appealing at first glance, it does have it’s disadvantages that must be considered prior to surgery

disadvantages of the Belly-Button technique

Let us now consider the disadvantages of the Belly-Button technique:

  • Inadequate opening of pocket for the implant insertion creating tightness and possible rupture
  • Breast Asymmetry
  • Artificial-looking breast appearance
  • Possible nerve and other tissue damage.
  • Ultimately all of these problems result from one factor: the Belly Button method is a blind procedure, done in very tight quarters without the advantages of sight and touch.

Despite these well described disadvantages, Dr. Chugay has performed 100’s of such augmentations with excellent results near Garden Grove. At the time of your consultation, Dr. Chugay will discuss this technique with you and evaluate whether or not you are a good candidate for the surgery.

Artistry & Mathematics

As common as Breast Augmentation is, its upper realm of execution requires a little more than simply years of experience. Calculations and measurements must be utilized to achieve better-looking breasts. These include the following: the lower half of the breast should measure the same distance from the areola to the inframammary fold (crease below the breast) as the upper half from the areola to the upper pole of the breast; noticeable symmetry from breastbone to the nipple should be achieved, etc. Artistry is an even more elusive aspect. Aesthetically pleasing and balanced breasts can be easily defined in words: neither too large, nor too small, proportional with the rest of the body, measurable to the hip size and shoulder size. However, in practice this feat is as difficult to realize, as it is to paint the Mona Lisa. The true measure of a surgeon is the success of the doctor’s work and the satisfaction of his patients. Look at his masterpieces and you will see that Dr. Chugay is truly an expert in the field of breast augmentation.

After your Surgery

A surgical dressing is usually placed to protect the incisions. Some swelling, bruising and minor discomfort may be experienced for several days after the surgery. Discomfort can be easily controlled with pain medication. You may be required to wear a supportive bra. Dr. Chugay will advise you as to when you may resume normal activity. After healing, your breast augmentation should add pleasing dimensions to your overall proportion and symmetry.

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