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Discovering the Future of Aesthetic Excellence

Discovering the Future of Aesthetic Excellence: Dr. Paul and Dr. Nikolas Chugay at the Baker Gordon Symposium February 8-10, 2024 marked significance in the calendar of Chugay Cosmetic Surgery Medical Clinic as Dr. Paul Chugay and his father, Dr. Nikolas Chugay, ventured into the heart of cosmetic surgery innovation at the 48th Annual Baker Gordon…

calf augmentation

Calf Augmentation Article

A well-sculpted calf is something often sought after by male patients presenting for cosmetic surgery. Despite hours in the gym doing calf raises, lunges, and squats, some men are not able to achieve the volume and definition desired in the calf region. Using semisolid silicone prostheses, a man with thin legs can achieve a more athletic masculine contour.

Ruptured Silicone Breast Implants Video Replacement Surgery

Dr. Chugay is frequently asked about the need to replace implants after 10 years. While it is not mandatory, he highly recommends replacing implants after 10 years rather than waiting for 15+ years as there is an increased risk of implant rupture with time.

Calf Implants

Dr. Paul Chugay and Dr. Nikolas Chugay make a contribution regarding calf implant to a new book about male aesthetic plastic surgery

Dr. Nikolas Chugay and Dr. Paul Chugay, the dynamic father/son team from Long Beach, California, have recently contributed a chapter on calf augmentation to a newly released book entitled Male Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Male Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Book

Dr. Paul Chugay and Dr. Nikolas Chugay are pleased to announce they have contributed their expertise in male aesthetic implant surgery to Dr. Steinbrech’s newest book “Male Aesthetic Plastic Surgery“.

Nightline – Weight Loss: The Tongue Patch Diet – Dr. Chugay – Beverly Hills, Long Beach, California

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COVID-19: Our Commitment to You

To our valued Chugay Cosmetic Surgery family of patients, In light of the recent developments surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to reach out to you to share how we are maintaining a healthy environment for both patients and staff. Chugay Cosmetic Surgery takes your health seriously and we understand that in the light of the…

Body Implant Book – Muscle Augmentation for Men

Lifestyle Changes

Precision Liposculpture & Liposuction

Introduced in the U.S. in the early 1980s, liposuction, also called liposculpture, lipoplasty, or suction lipectomy, is a cosmetic surgery technique developed by cosmetic surgeons to reduce stubborn fat deposits that don’t respond to dieting and exercise. These fatty bulges are most commonly found in the thighs, hips, abdomen, buttocks, knees, ankles, calves and arms.