First Ever Body Implants (Quadriceps Augmentation) Performed by Dr. Paul Chugay for Improvement in Volume of the Anterior Thigh

GMS Coolsculpting Radio Spots

Grand Opening of Chugay Cosmetic Surgery Medical Clinic Inc. out patient Cosmetic Surgery Center in Irvine, California

Brotox – Botox for Men

Brotox – Botox for Men – Growing Number of Male Patients using Botox Hello men, there’s a new term for Botox for men and it’s directly related to you It’s called Brotox. Women have been using Botox for decades and seen the improvement in their face through a decrease in facial wrinkles. Now men are […]

Stem Cell Infusion

In an effort to keep up with trends in medicine, we performed our first stem cell infusion using adipocyte (fat) derived stem cells.  Research in stem cell technology has shown improvement in degenerative joint disorders, chronic liver disease (hepatitis), and may have utility in retarding the effects of aging on the body. Working with doctors from USC, we will continue to monitor the effects of stem cell infusion in our selected patients.

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Stem Cell Infusion

DIY Plastic Surgery (Buttock Augmentation) Investigation

Article Published On: Sept 11, 2014

CBS Television’s The Doctors recently aired a very interesting segment on the potential dangers of DIY Buttocks surgery. It was aired September 11, 2014 and can be watched at,

Buttocks implant surgery has become one of hottest trends around the world for increasing butt size. There is no doubt that Hollywood has had a great impact. Patients spend thousands of dollars to gain the look they desire. Buttock implants are completely safe when supplied by a qualified cosmetic surgeon and can cost in excess of 10K including the anesthesiologist.
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Weight Loss Tongue Patch: An Alternative Nonsurgical Method to Aid in Weight Loss in Obese Patients

Article Published In: The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery Vol. 31, No. 1, 2014

Paul N. Chugay, MD; Nikolas V. Chugay, DO

Click on the PDF link above to see a copy of the article written on the tongue patch which was published in the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery in 2014

Introduction: Despite efforts on the part of patients, some are not able to achieve significant weight loss because of poor compliance with balanced diets and exercise programs. The tongue patch is a means of ensuring that the patient abides by a strict low-calorie diet plan to achieve maximal weight loss while engaging in a moderate exercise regimen.  Read more

The Shape of Legs to Come

Introduction: “Nothing beats a great pair of legs!” So goes the famous 40-year-old advertising slogan of name-brand pantyhose maker L’eggs, a slogan still used today because it conveys a timeless truth: Shapely stems get noticed. Trouble is, it takes more than decent nylons to produce fabulous-looking legs.

Buttock Augmentation With Implants and Fat Grafting: A Comparative Study

Article Published In: The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, Vol. 29, No. 3, 2012

Paul N. Chugay, MD; Nikolas V. Chugay, DO

Introduction: We sought to compare our experience in the 2 primary techniques for buttock augmentation and determine if one is clearly superior to the other from the standpoints of complications, postoperative pain and patient satisfaction. Read more

Calf Augmentation: A Single Institution Review of Over 200 Cases

Article Published In: The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery Vol. 30, No. 2, 2013

Paul N. Chugay, MD; Nikolas V. Chugay, DO

Introduction: Over the past several decades, there has been increased interest in creating a fuller-appearing and more well-defined calf region.

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