Stem cells have become a hot topic of conversation in the field of medicine.  Stem cells are characterized by the ability to renew themselves through mitotic cell division and differentiating into a diverse range of specialized cell types. (i.e. the ability to divide and create another cell like itself)

What does it all mean to you?

Recent developments in stem cell research have allowed stem cells to be grown and transformed into specialized cells with characteristics consistent with cells of various tissues such as muscles, nerves, and even fat.  Adult stem cell treatments have been used to treat leukemia through bone barrow transplants for some time.  Advances in veterinary medicine have allowed researchers to reconstruct nerves and tendons that have been injured due to trauma.  And still on the forefront are studies looking at stem cell therapy that can be used to treat a wider variety of diseases including cancer, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries, ALS, multiple sclerosis, and muscle damage.


How does Dr. Chugay use stem cell Technology?

Dr. Chugay has begun using stem cell technology to augment the amount of fat that can be retained after fat injection in buttock augmentation surgery and in facial rejuvenation.

In both surgeries, a biochemist is invited to join the surgery to harvest stem cells from the fat that is suctioned from you.  Using state of the art equipment, the biochemist is able to extract stem cells from your fat cells. These cells are in turn added to your fat cells and then injected into the desired area.

Using this revolutionary stem cell technology, Dr. Chugay is able to “take” the fat cells from only 40% to an unbelievable 90%.  This means that the rejuvenation gained in the face and the bulk added in buttock augmentation is longer lasting.


What about the risk of rejection?

Since the specimen obtained is from your own body, the risk of rejection is non-existent.