Many women, over the years, develop sagging and aesthetically displeasing breasts. Such factors as pregnancy, nursing, and simply aging play a part. As the skin loses its elasticity, the breasts often lose their shape and firmness and begin to sag.

For many women sagging occurs at a very young age, inhibiting their self-respect, healthy sex drive and the sense of optimism and well-being. Breast Lift, medically known as mastopexy, is a surgical procedure to lift up and restructure sagging breasts.

What is Unique About Dr. Chugay’s Breast Lift?

Dr. Chugay often utilizes Breast Lift in conjunction with Breast Augmentation. He was one of the first physicians in the United States to perfect this approach.

Dr. Chugay popularized this approach in the media and has presented it at medical congresses throughout the world.

In addition, Dr. Chugay uses two very different techniques for mastopexy that have gained favor in the cosmetic surgical community, namely the Benelli and Peixoto Lifts.

Key Variations Of Breast Lift Technique

  • Traditional Breast Lift
  • Benelli Breast Lift
  • Peixoto Breast Lift

Both Benelli and Peixoto procedures are far superior to the Traditional Lift technique still commonly used in the United States. The Traditional Lift leaves noticeable, permanent scars, although they’ll be covered by a bra or bathing suit. Benelli and Peixoto Lifts have a somewhat different aspect.

Their advantages include:

  • Less noticeable scarring
  • Less shock on the body during the operation
  • Better look and results
  • Faster recovery and healing
  • Fewer risks and complications.

Dr. Chugay along with some of his colleagues popularized and perfected the Benelli and Peixoto lifts in the United States. The following summarizes the comparative advantages of the Breast Lift procedures:

Benelli Lift

This technique is perfect for women who have slightly droopy breasts, which may result from childbearing, aging or a congenital defect.

The cut is made around the areola of the nipple. Excessive skin is reduced in a doughnut shape. This is unlike the traditional breast lift that involves a large incision made in the inframammary fold causing a huge ugly scar!

A permanent stitch is placed around the circumference of areolar skin as a purse string to prevent spreading of the scar. Dr. Chugay further perfected the Benelli Lift by utilizing very fine absorbable sutures to bring together the areola and the skin around it to make the scar virtually invisible. After a Benelli Lift, the breast achieves a firm, young, supple look with the nipple pointing upward, creating an appearance of a young woman’s breast.

Peixoto Lift

Although the Benelli Technique is inadequate in cases of patients with significant breast droop, the Peixoto method is an excellent – as a matter of fact, far superior alternative to the traditional lifting technique. The Benelli Lift is perfect for small to moderate drooping; however, when a more substantial lift is required, Dr. Chugay turns to the Peixoto Technique of Breast Lift.

Unfortunately, the Peixoto Technique yields much more scarring than the Benelli Lift. However, the good news is that Peixoto Lift results in significantly less scarring than the Traditional Technique!

The Peixoto Lift involves a cut above the areola (in a semicircular fashion), extended below the areola to the inframammary fold. In a traditional Breast Lift a very large incision is made beneath the breast producing a huge ugly scar. The Peixoto Lift creates a small scar beneath the breast and a vertical scar from areola to the inframammary fold.

Artistry And Mathematics

Dr. Chugay uses certain standard figures and calculations as well as an artist’s eye to produce an ideal degree of lifting. On lifts he ensures a certain height of the nipple on the breast. It is usually measured from the sternal notch and is about 21cm. Symmetry from the breast bone must be achieved, along with plenty of fullness in the lower pole (with the nipple resting usually about 7 cm above the inframammary crease). The artistry involves the variations on the theme. Since each woman’s body is very unique, other factors must be taken into account: height, hip and shoulder size, and overall appearance.

After Your Surgery

After your procedure, you’ll wear an elastic bra over surgical dressings. Some bruising and discomfort in the breast area is normal. Any pain and discomfort you feel can be relieved with medications prescribed by Dr. Chugay. Healing is gradual. You should be up and about in a day or two. You can return to work within several days (depending on what you do). Each woman’s body is unique. Dr. Chugay will discuss healing and other post-operative matters with you in detail. Following his instructions in detail will speed up your healing and ensure a better look for your breasts.