Dr. Paul Chugay and Dr. Nikolas Chugay make a contribution regarding calf implant to a new book about male aesthetic plastic surgery

Chugay Cosmetic is pleased to announce the publication of Male Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Dr. Nikolas Chugay and Dr. Paul Chugay, the dynamic father/son team from Long Beach, California, have recently contributed a chapter on calf augmentation to a newly released book entitled Male Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

They illustrate how to enhance, shape, and enlarge the calf region using silicone implant and other adjunct procedures – specifically for men.

Calf Implants


The book reflects on the history and male-centric perspective that sets male aesthetic surgery apart from its female counterpart and also illustrates the expertise and insights from Dr. Nikolas Chugay, one of the most sought-after pioneers in male surgery.  Along with multiple other plastic and cosmetic surgeons, the book discusses male aesthetic plastic surgery from head to toe.

From innovative, never-before-published techniques for body contouring to the rapidly changing world of male implant surgery, the textbook covers a broad range of cutting-edge and emerging techniques.  To this large breadth of knowledge, Dr. Nikolas Chugay, and Dr. Paul Chugay were able to add their expertise in male calf augmentation with silicone prostheses. Male Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is a must-have resource for all surgeons who treat male patients.

Want to read more by Dr. Chugay? 

Dr. Nikolas Chugay, Dr. Paul Chugay, and contributing author Dr. Melvin A. Shiffman wrote a textbook called BODY SCULPTING WITH SILICONE IMPLANTS (Available on Amazon). The book, intended for students/beginners and experienced cosmetic plastic surgeons alike, provides a sound understanding of the different body sculpting techniques and when they are applicable. The field of muscle augmentation and body sculpting is a fascinating field of study that is constantly changing and advancing. Dr. Paul Chugay and Dr. Nikolas Chugay continue to be pioneers in the field of muscle augmentation surgery, most recently beginning the process of creating novel biceps, triceps, and deltoid implants with an industry leader, Implantech, to provide softer and more natural feeling implants.