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Time for a new you?

It’s your body, so choose your plastic surgeon carefully

September 28, 2000: 11:08 a.m. ET

NEW YORK (CNNfn) – Mirror, mirror on the wall — I don’t like the way I look at all.

Think your nose is too big? Want more hair? Tired of all those spare chins? If you’re considering cosmetic surgery to improve your appearance, you’ve got plenty of company.

Tips for picking the tops

If you’re considering plastic surgery, experts say you should pick someone who is board certified. That can be difficult since there are several plastic surgery-related boards and you might find it confusing.

Remember cosmetic surgery is indeed surgery and you should take it seriously. Nikolas Chugay, a Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon said it is imperative that you put yourself in competent, seasoned hands.

“Look for the surgeon with the best, modern training and technique,” Chugay said in a statement, “and the tactical skill of a Michelangelo.”

Chugay has compiled a list of items consumers should consider before going ahead with cosmetic surgery.

The list includes:

  1. Experience. Look for a doctor with preferably 15 or more years in cosmetic surgery, especially for more complicated procedures.
  2. Specialization. Make sure the doctor is an expert in the particular procedure you want. Look for someone who has published papers, done research in his or her specialty and is recognized by others in the field.
  3. Education. Does your potential plastic surgeon stay on top of new techniques and procedures? Does he or she regularly attend and participate in professional seminars and conferences?
  4. Teaching. Has your doctor been a teacher of his or her craft? Have they conducted fellowship studies and trained others?
  5. Artistic. Does the doctor have a natural talent for this kind of work? Look at photos of their previous work and judge for yourself.
  6. Comprehensive training. Does the doctor have specialized training in the area of interest and does he or she belong to a professional association that addresses a particular surgical specialty?
  7. Recognition. Do others in the field have high regard for your doctor? Has he or she published articles on their specialty or gained public stature in their field?
  8. What’s new? Is your doctor up on the latest technologies and new procedures?
  9. Referrals/Patient Testimonials. Is your doctor willing to let you speak with former or current patients? They’re your best gauge.