Facial Youth

Whenever people grow old together, with thoughts that are filled with friendship or love, the passing of years does not count, nor are they conscious of the effects those years have on their faces. They look at each other with the eyes of the soul, where initial images are so deeply engraved, that those of the present, of reality, go unnoticed. Only when indifference or lack of love replace the original feelings, is the spell broken, and the soul no longer looks inward but becomes aware of the tangible exterior reality.

The same happens with our own image, reflected day after day in the mirror. It is because of sadness, disappointment or pain that we recognize the evidence of the years gone by, and see that our face is no longer young, that it is no longer pleasing and attractive.

However, when this happens to a person whose life has lost the rhythm of youth, whose hopes for the future are nil, or simply someone who considers his body as something insignificant and circumstantial, the progress of aging will be met with not so much silent resignation, but with a certain sense of pride. It is not to this type of person to whom these messages and, in fact, the whole of Aesthetic Surgery, are addressed.

Yet for those people, who do not scorn the gift of youth, but who actively seek to preserve the state of radiant physical well-being, who need to see themselves and have others see them as being young, for those unwilling to resign themselves to the contrast between a young heart and a wrinkled face, the techniques of preserving and improving the appearance of beauty offer hope and realistic practical solutions. Dr. Chugay has dedicated his life’s work to these efforts. Enjoy the fruits of his work and life-long commitment.