Calf Augmentation – Chicken Legs

How do I fix my chicken legs?

Many patients come to us seeking more volume in their calves.  They describe themselves as having overly skinny legs or having “chicken legs.”  Sadly, not everyone is born with robust calf muscles and sometimes even exercise cannot provide sufficient volume.  For that reason, we offer two options for improvement of the calves:  calf implants and fat grafting to the calves.

a comparison of legs and legs
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Calf Implants

Our preferred method of improving calf volume is calf implant surgery.  With a calf implant, we are able to add volume to the desired areas reliably.  The implant we use is a semi-solid silicone.  There is no liquid component so there is no risk of an implant leak.  The surgery is performed via a 5cm incision in the back of the knee, through which we can safely place the implant to improve the volume of the calf.


Calf Implants – Muscle Augmentation


Calf Augmentation: A Single Institution Review of Over 200 Cases

Fat Transfer To The Calf

While we do at times perform fat transfer to the calves, this is not our preferred method of augmentation as the results are variable.  While fat grafting to the buttocks and breasts tends to be more reliable and consistent, the amount of volume addition to the calves is variable.  Typically, we see less than 50% of the fat injected to the region remaining at one year.  Also, more fat may “take” on one side than the other.  For this reason, we prefer implant augmentation as it is more reliable.

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