HCG Weight Loss Program

HCG is a very helpful modality to help you with weight loss. HCG, human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone and it’s usually produced in a pregnant female’s placenta. The purpose of the hormone is preservation of the fetus, preservation of the infant that is in the mother’s womb.

The nature tries at all costs to preserve the offspring. How does it do in this case? Well, the hypothalamus which is a gland in our brain regulates a lot of mechanisms in the body, and when the hypothalamus gets messages that there are not enough calories being consumed by the mother, the hypothalamus, then mobilizer fat deposits in the body to feed the baby.

Well, with HCG we can fool mother nature and are able to get the body to burn the fat in the body without you being pregnant. Small quantities of HCG are injected under the skin by the patient and usually it is on a six days on one day off cycle, and with this treatment usually an average weight loss can be anywhere between half a pound to a pound a day. So you literally lose a lot of weight very quickly. Of course, caloric restriction is essential, so is exercise.

Without caloric restriction and exercise, weight loss is impossible. HCG is just an adjunct, it helps the body to burn the fat deposits. We have a special now on HCG program that includes a full physical examination, lab. work, HCG, medication that is dispensed to patient, and weekly visits at the clinic.

All of that will be $350.00 for the first month of the program. Nutritional counseling, exercise program are individualized for each patient.


Please call the office at 800-660-8507 and set up an appointment for an initial evaluation.

Weight Reduction – HCG Injections