Meet Deshawn Dailey

Shawn Dailey - Personal Trainer - Weight Loss Exercises - Chugay Cosmetic - Long Beach, California

DeShawn Dailey

Considered one of today’s foremost life coaches and fitness instructors, DeShawn Dailey is on a mission to help his clients transform their lives. His personalized approach enables clients to dramatically improve their health, and increase productivity, creativity, and overall happiness. His goal is to facilitate wellness at every stage of life’s journey. This total-life focus helps people achieve their fitness goals and maximize health and function, while promoting success in their professional, mental, spiritual and family lives. As a transformational coach and continuing education specialist, DeShawn conducts talks, workshops, and personal growth and training programs to help clients be the best they can be whether they are starting out in life, making the most of mid-life or becoming a highly active senior.

Graduating from Central Michigan University with a degree in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation, with an emphasis on Coaching, DeShawn’s background and experience laid a strong foundation for his methodology. DeShawn’s process is designed to show clients how to achieve wellness through, spiritual healing, physical and mental strengthening and rehabilitation, and prevention. With a multi-tiered approach, DeShawn utilizes several healing modalities, including physical strengthening, mental exercises, music, and martial arts. This approach allows him to help individuals break out from negative thought patterns and limited beliefs systems, so that they can create their lives the way they want them to be.

A certified Personal Trainer and Self-Defense Instructor, DeShawn served as Program Manager on the Wellness Committee for the Willow Run General Motors transmission plant, where he performed health risk appraisals and implemented health and fitness programs and procedures. An experienced mentor in the areas of physical fitness, self-realization, and self-determination, DeShawn shows clients how to make quantum leaps in their health, fitness, and productivity goals by showing them how to access their potential. Because of his remarkable gifts of providing insights, tools, and systems that provide dramatic results, his clients, from top athletes to those who are recovering from major surgery, seek him out to get the resources they need to be healthy and happy.

DeShawn’s Method

DeShawn believes in serving the whole individual, and not just their fitness needs, He teaches clients that the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical body are connected, and in order to live an extraordinary life, each aspect of the individual needs to be strong, healthy, and aligned. DeShawn has developed an all-encompassing synthesized method of helping people achieve their goals, which includes guidance, conventional and holistic medicine, whole food diet, exercise physiology, martial arts, music therapy, yoga therapy, and psychology.

While each client’s needs are unique, DeShawn typically follows a four step process to help them achieve optimum health:

ASSESSMENT – Identifying challenges or negative habits currently blocking the individual from achieving their goals.

SPIRITUAL HEALING – Helping the individual heal whatever thoughts or ideas that trigger negative behaviors, so they can move past them.

PHYSICAL & MENTAL REHABILITATION – Training the individual through physical and mental exercises to strengthen them, and help them get the most out of life.

PREVENTION – Teaching the individual how to achieve total mind-body wellness and maintain it throughout life.


DeShawn’s knowledge base and experience have helped countless clients to improve their overall quality of life. Sharing his philosophy and client techniques through keynote talks and workshops allows him to bring these life-changing concepts to a broader audience. In an effort to help as many people as possible, he has developed the following talks and workshops:

OVERALL LIFE FULFILLMENT – Learn to become truly fit, powerful, and engaged in life, a “whole person,”. This exciting presentation offers a multi-tiered approach to strengthening the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of our lives.

BUILDING A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR BODY – In this presentation, DeShawn will teach you to maximize your health and raise your energy level through self-care and self-love. Learn how the human body works so you can build a better relationship with it.

SPIRITUAL INTEGRATION – In this enlightening presentation you will learn to balance your spiritual life in the material world, and how to create sacred relationships, including the one you have with yourself.

DEFENSE TRAINING – As a Self-Defense Trainer, DeShawn can come into any organization and teach the mental and physical basics necessary to defend one’s self in dangerous and questionable situations.

* Please ask how DeShawn can customize a talk or workshop for your organization.

Fitness Programs & Classes

In addition to his live presentations and talks, DeShawn offers both group and individual fitness programs and classes to help clients reach their health and fitness goals.

MUSCLE ACTIVATION – In this class, clients will participate in stretching, muscle activation movements, and strength and stamina building exercises, as well as motor reflex response exercises that trigger a response in the central nervous system for under used or atrophied

WATER THERAPY & AEROBICS – In this class, participants will see increases in strength, flexibility, neuromuscular response, and cardiovascular fitness.

ONE-ON-ONE PERSONAL TRAINING – Individuals who enroll for one-on-one training receive customized fitness programs that address their personal fitness needs, including; hands on instruction, focus on proper body mechanics, and stress reduction exercises.

* Please note, DeShawn can customize a fitness class or program especially for you and your needs.

If you would like to contact Shawn Dailey regarding personal training, please call him directly at 949 544 9926