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Things to Look for In your Surgeon:

  • Experience: With 2 generations of doctors, over 30,000 procedures and a lifetimes worth of combined experience, Dr. Nikolas V. Chugay and Dr. Paul N. Chugay have not only the required experience in various surgical and non surgical procedures but Nikolas has helped revolutionize the industry, and Paul is following very closely in his father’s footsteps, drawing on over 40 years of experience.
  • Compatibility & Respect: Book a consultation with the doctor. Get a feel for how they treat you; whether they listen to you and what you want. It’s important to thoroughly discuss what you’re trying to achieve with your doctor so they have a clear, concise idea of what your goal is but it’s equally important that you respect your doctor’s experience and education enough to listen to their recommendations. You don’t want a doctor that doesn’t care about YOU.
  • Specialization: Ask your doctor about other times they’ve performed the procedure you want.

Skin Lifting

Skin is lifted utilizing an electrocautery (“hot knife”). Many surgeons do it with a blade or scissors.

Electrocautery (hot knife) produces very atraumatic dissection, thus achieving:

  • Less risk of bleeding and hematomas
  • Less risk of injury to nerves and other tissues
  • Reduced surgical trauma to the patient
  • Faster healing
  • Faster recovery


The excess skin is marked off with Pitanguy marking clamps, which allow precise extraction of excess skin.

Abdominal muscles are sutured together to reconstruct the integrity of the abdominal wall and bring in the waist. These sutures are placed in the midline with knots buried deep to prevent artificial-looking bumps.

A new belly button is made, and the skin is closed in layers with absorbable sutures. This method of closure leaves a smaller scar and does away with hash marks common in suture procedures.


Tummy Tuck Procedure

Dog Ears

Frequently after a Traditional Tummy Tuck, small pockets of skin form at each end of the long horizontal incision used in the standard procedure. Such skin pockets, due to their appearance, are often referred to as “dog ears”. These “ears” have to be surgically extracted several months after Tummy Tuck when the healing is complete.

To avoid complications and a secondary procedure, Dr. Chugay has developed a method to stop “dog ears” before they are formed. Sparing the unnecessary detail, this technique involves, after fully suturing the abdominal wall, going back to the incision site and re-excising additional amounts of skin at each end of the original incision. Such additional excision is elliptical in shape. The ends of the excisions are then sutured meticulously.

What is a Mini Tummy Tuck?

This rather confusing term simply means that your surgery will not have to be as extensive as the regular Tummy Tuck. This will be achieved by making the initial horizontal incision very small and completely hidden in the hairline, by not bringing the muscles together with stitches or by combining both of these features. The candidates for this procedure will have less hanging skin and little or no protrusion of the abdomen.

After your Surgery

Although there will be some soreness and discomfort, Dr. Chugay can prescribe medications to make you more comfortable post-operatively. You should avoid strenuous activity for three to four weeks. Dr. Chugay will discuss resumption of activities with you on an individual basis. You will have to wear an appropriate abdominal support for several weeks.

Abdominoplasty, though a major operation, is generally very satisfying. The scar across the lower abdomen will be hidden beneath the bikini line and, as much as possible, in the natural hairline. The abdominal muscles will be flat, and your skin will have a young-looking taut appearance.

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