When Working Out Isn’t Working Out

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nikolas Chugay can create the body you want when your workout plan doesn’t produce the results you expect

Many people end up frustrated after spending years trying to create the perfect body through diet and exercise only to discover that there is only so much improvement they can do on their own. Despite faithful routines, some find that their body just doesn’t cooperate. Whether they are trying to tighten skin to lessen wrinkles, build and shape their chest and stomach or simply get a slimmer physique, they find that diet and exercise can only do so much. Still others can’t seem to find the time or don’t have the knowledge on how best to work out to build the look they are seeking.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nikolas Chugay has helped many of these people recapture their youthful appearance or create a look that makes them proud of their bodies.

To many, muscle augmentation surgery has become a viable alternative to spending hours and hours on weight lifting and aerobics, not only for those who crave perfection, but also for those who wish to attain simple balance or symmetry in their physique. Dr. Chugay can create the “six-pack” look for his clients, something that can take years to develop through exercise, if the body cooperates. When taking a patient who seeks to augment his or her musculature, Dr. Chugay will carefully balance the wish for body aesthetics with medical necessity.

The buttock area is particularly resistant to change through exercise, even for those who spend countless hours on step machines or run up and down various staircases. For those with flat buttocks, Dr. Chugay has developed a plastic surgery procedure where he inserts a flexible solid silicone implant. Due to scientific advances, gel silicone is no longer required. This solid implant is soft enough to look and feel natural. The procedure is safe, practical and effective. A perfectly curved S-shaped butt is within reach for practically anyone.

After child birth, many women have trouble returning their stomach to the flat, smooth look they had before pregnancy. Plastic surgery can stretch and smooth the skin so that they will look as good in a bikini as they did previously.

Plastic surgery can be used on almost any part of the body to give a muscular or healthy look. In addition to the areas mentioned previously, calves can be augmented as well as arms, breasts, cheeks and chins.

There are some parts of the body, like the face, that need surgery because working out can’t fix them. These procedures include eyelid surgery (corrects drooping upper eyelid skin, tired puffy eyelids and puffy bags below eyes), crows feet removal, forehead and brow lift, nose sculpting, chin sculpting, chin implants, cheek sculpting, facial liposculpture and ear contouring.

While, for some, plastic surgery can be a quick-fix to avoid years of training, for others it is the final step of a workout program that can take the body only so far.

With the many procedures available, Dr. Chugay is able to help many clients achieve the look they desire. Dr. Chugay can be reached at (800) 660-8507.

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