Cheek Sculpting Surgery

High cheekbones have traditionally been a sign of beauty. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with that look. This procedure consists of placing a synthetic implant over the natural cheekbone. Men also frequently seek out this procedure to correct flatness in the midface. As is the case with Chin Augmentation, the operation is frequently combined with other cosmetic procedures such as Rhinoplasty or a Facelift. Patients seeking cheek sculpting surgery also frequently request Chin Implantation to complement their new face and give them a more refined appearance.


What Exactly is Augmented?

Dr. Chugay uses this procedure to enhance:

  • Cheekbones: make your cheekbones more pronounced and attractive.
  • Hollow of the cheek (submalar augmentation)
    • Hollow cheeks may be congenital, resulting from the natural aging process, or appear as the result of autoimmune diseases (eg AIDS) or chronic illnesses. Unfortunately, currently available AIDS medications will often cause very noticeable dips in patients’ cheeks. Dr. Chugay’s procedure for submalar augmentation is a very effective way to eliminate the hollows and give the cheeks a natural full appearance.

What is unique about Dr. Chugay’s Procedure?


After years of research, Dr. Chugay has brought together the best materials and shape conformations for natural-looking cheek augmentation.


Currently, Dr. Chugay uses implants made of a soft, porous material called Gore-Tex. Unlike most implants (still in use by the vast majority of surgeons) which are made of silicone, Gore-Tex implants:

  • Have a more natural appearance
  • Have not been known to move (silicone implants are usually quite unstable as they have a slick, smooth surface)
  • Incorporate better into the body tissues without causing tissue reaction
  • They usually cannot be detected by touching the area around the augmented cheekbone
  • Are very lightweight (patients do not feel the implants and do not experience the discomfort sometimes associated with silicone implants).

What is Gore-Tex?

Gore-Tex is a brand name for Expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (patented and manufactured by W.L. Gore &Assoc., Flagstaff, AZ), which is a pure, microporous form of Teflon that is thin, flexible, mechanically strong and has a high degree of biocompatibility. It is composed of Teflon fibrils held together at nodal junctions with tightly cross-linked fibrils of PTFE, resulting in greatly improved mechanical strength (up to 5300 N). It has a relatively smooth surface, minimal foreign body response, and low infection rate.

Shape of implants

The implants that Dr. Chugay currently uses have an excellent natural, anatomically correct appearance and incorporate well into almost anyone’s face.

Why do some people’s cheeks look so fake after a Cheek Implant procedure?

This has to do with the type of implant used. Most cheekbone augmentations are still done with old-fashioned wide silicone implants, which often create an artificial appearance.

On some people, this contour actually looks good. On many, it looks artificial. Dr. Chugay’s current line of implants is designed differently, creating a more natural and aesthetically pleasing look.

The Procedure

A small incision is made inside the mouth and the implant is positioned on the bone: either above the cheekbone in the case of cheekbone augmentation or on the bones in the submalar region in the case of submalar augmentation. The implant is secured and the incision is closed.

Risks Involved

Cheek surgery is not without its risks. The potential risks include but are not limited to: infection, bleeding, nerve injury, deformity of the cheek, implant movement, need for further surgery.

After Your Surgery

Following the surgery, there will be swelling in the area of the cheek giving a puffy appearance. That will decrease with time. Patients are asked to avoid impact on the area for at least 6 weeks after surgery.

Before After Gallery for Cheek Sculpting

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