Movie Star Smile Surgery

As corny as the above title may appear, it does not negate the existence of the so-called “Movie Star Smile.” Take a look at your favorite celebrity (assuming you have one). Do you like the way he or she smiles? Can you smile like that? If you cannot, this procedure may be for you.


Dr. Chugay has determined that genetics does not have to stand in your way. There are two major factors (which you may or may not be aware of) that determine how you smile. Your teeth (please, see a dentist). And your lips.

In fact the angle of your upper lip, its fullness and length determine the visibility of your teeth and the beauty of your smile. Naturally, you can opt to use FILLERS to improve the appearance of your upper lip. However, Fillers (even if permanent materials are used) are inferior to the surgical enhancement of the lip and will do nothing to improve your smile.


The crux of Dr. Chugay’s methodology is based on the premise that a curved lip that promotes slight upper teeth visibility will enhance the natural beauty of smile. This type of curvature is common (yet, not universal) for young people. As we grow older, upper lip begins to droop ruining our smile and broadcasting our age. By reshaping the upper lip curvature, Dr. Chugay is able to undo what age or genetics inflicted on your smile.

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Open Lip Reshaping

In 1923 Kilner and Gillies developed a procedure aimed at improving the contour of the lip via creating a new lip vermilion (upper border of the lip) slightly above its original position. Variations of this technique are still in use by some surgeons. Of course, the prime disadvantage of such methodology is the visible scarring, which will occur subsequent to such open lip reshaping.

Gonzales-Ulloa Technique

In 1971 Cardoso proposed a removal of superior portion of the lip next the base of the nose. Gonzales-Ulloa in 1975 combined this procedure with a horizontal removal of excess skin along the crest of the lip. This methodology is known to some surgeons and may be appropriate in some old patients. Its major drawback is visible scarring.

Bullhorn Procedure

It is unclear who pioneered this technique. It involves making a straight or V-Shaped incision at the base of the nose and removing excess skin to improve the angle of upper lip. The crucial disadvantage of this procedure is visible scarring under the base of the patient’s nose.

Other Techniques

Since introduction of the aforesaid techniques, very few original procedures have been described. Among those, all have proven to be merely variations of the Kilner and Gilles, Bullhorn and Gonzales-Ulloa Techniques.

Things to Look for In your Surgeon:

  • Experience: With 2 generations of doctors, over 30,000 procedures and a lifetimes worth of combined experience, Dr. Nikolas V. Chugay and Dr. Paul N. Chugay have not only the required experience in various surgical and non surgical procedures but Nikolas has helped revolutionize the industry, and Paul is following very closely in his father’s footsteps, drawing on over 40 years of experience.
  • Compatibility & Respect: Book a consultation with the doctor. Get a feel for how they treat you; whether they listen to you and what you want. It’s important to thoroughly discuss what you’re trying to achieve with your doctor so they have a clear, concise idea of what your goal is but it’s equally important that you respect your doctor’s experience and education enough to listen to their recommendations. You don’t want a doctor that doesn’t care about YOU.
  • Specialization: Ask your doctor about other times they’ve performed the procedure you want.


Dr. Chugay’s smile procedures incorporate three distinct techniques:

  • Seagull Procedure
  • External Lip Shortening Technique
  • Internal Lip Shortening Technique

All of the above methods involve both new and time-tested techniques and methodologies. During your consultation, Dr. Chugay will advise you if you are a candidate for one or several of these techniques.


The incision is made inside each nostril and extended underneath the base of the nose to minimize the scarring. An elliptical reduction of upper lip skin is conducted, and then tissues are closed in layers. This procedure is similar to Bullhorn Technique in that it reduces the skin near the base of the nose lifting the vermillion (upper crest of the lip) and the lip in general.

However, Seagull Techniques has several distinct advantages:

  • Scars are hidden inside the nose.
  • Tissues are closed in layers.
  • The sutures are absorbable.
  • Hash marks and suture marks are avoided.


This procedure is based on the methodology originally described by Gonzalez-Ulloa insofar as it involves shortening of the lip muscle via the microcoagulation technique (small electrode is used to create areas of coagulation that upon healing will shorten the lip muscle. Following are the departures from the Gonzales-Ulloa technique:

This technique is usually used in conjunction with the Seagull procedure.

Since the incisions are made inside the nose, the scars are hidden (in the Gonzales-Ulloa procedure, the muscle was accessed via incisions made on the outer skin of the lip).

The microcoagulation is conducted only at the upper portion of the lip muscle (to avoid nerve damage and preserve lip sensitivity).


This revolutionary technique is, in fact, quite straightforward. Dr. Chugay makes a horizontal incision in the mucous membrane of the lip (inside the mouth) and places permanent sutures in a vertical fashion to shorten the lip muscle. Meticulous subcuticular closure of the mucous membrane is conducted.

This technique represents a complete departure from all previously described lip enhancement procedures and is most effective for those with excessively long upper lip.


Combining the procedures mentioned above, Dr. Chugay is able to:

  • Tailor you smile to your unique face.
  • Shape your upper lip (make it bigger or smaller – need for upper lip Fillers is eliminated).
  • Offer scar-free or effectively scar-free results.


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